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Pek Preservino Hand Held Preserver

Pek Preservino Hand Held Wine Preserver

Additional Product Info:
Measures 2 by 7 by 5-inches; 1-year limited warranty. Handheld preservation system. Convenient and afforable. Uses high-purity Argon gas to keep wine at peak of freshness. Comes with 2 specialized corks and removable nozzle.

The Preservino uses high purity Argon gas to keep wine at the peak of freshness. Simply insert the Preservino's injection nozzle into a hole at the cork's head, inject the Argon gas, remove the nozzle from the cork, and...voila...the Preservino protects every bottle effectively. Wine oxidizes when exposed to air, causing a distinctive sherry-like off-odor and brownish tint that is increasingly recognizable with wine consumption experience. When wine tannins are oxidized, hydrogen peroxide is produced which subsequently oxidizes ethanol into acetaldehyde - the principal compound producing the oxidized odor and masking the wine's fragrance. On opening a bottle, acetaldehyde generation can be detected within as little as two to eight hours, depending on varietal, age, amount of wine contact with air, temperature, etc. White wines and older reds are particularly susceptible to oxidation damage. The biggest factor in oxidation is the amount of wine surface contact with air following opening and pouring. Therefore, wine preservation products that are most effective at reducing air contact with the wine surface will best reduce oxidation. The Wine Steward is the first device ever to truly extend the life of an open bottle of wine and ensure the wine is served at the precise temperature for the perfect flavor-considering different wines require different temperatures for just the right taste. It's the taste of wine that's important to wine lovers, and the Wine Steward is all about taste. A revelation to the wine lover, and indispensable to the connoisseur... the Wine Steward is an essential purchase, and the perfect gift.

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