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Stem Shine Crystal Dishwashing Powder

Stem Shine Crystal Dishwashing Powder -4 Lb

Additional Product Info:
4 lb carton for dishwashers.

Replace clouds with clarity. You'll never have to worry about streaks or off odors on your fine glassware again. At last an innovative product that will revolutionize the way you clean your glasses. New and exclusive Stem Shine represents state-of-the-art technology for glass cleaning. Stem Shine doesn't just clean your glassware it purifies it. Its cleaning agents go into the pores of fine crystal or other glassware and remove every trace of soil and contaminants. Stem Shine then evaporates quickly preventing streaks and completely removing odors that could compete with your fine wine's bouquet. Available for both dishwasher and hand washing use. 4 lb carton for dishwashers.

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