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Wmf Vino Stainless Steel 4 Way Funnel

Wmf Vino Stainless-Steel 4-Way Funnel

Additional Product Info:
Wide-mouth funnel for decanting red wine. Removable fine-mesh strainer filters out impurities. Eight tiny holes in neck aerate wine. Made of heavy-gauge stainless-steel polished to mirror-finish. Contemporary European style; 3-1/2 inches in diameter.

Crafted of polished stainless steel, this decanting funnel makes pouring wine from a bottle into a carafe so, so much easier. Simply rest the funnel in the neck, insert the filter to catch any dregs and sediment, and pour! There are eight tiny holes in the "stem" which aerate the wine as it is poured. This funnel could also be used for straining sauces, mulled cider and more.

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